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Work on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Policy for Ghana started in October 1998, when a National Communications Policy Conference dubbed, COMPOL '98' involving all stakeholders in the ICT sector was held at the International Conference Centre in Accra.

The policy document was finalized in October 2000, at Akosombo for the approval of Cabinet.

However, Parliament could not pass the Communications Bill before the then government went out of power.

In September 2001, the incoming government organised another National Communications Policy Conference, at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), to review and update the Communication Policy Document formulated by the previous government in 1998.

The formulation of a comprehensive ICT Policy, known as Ghana Information and Communication Technology for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD), was completed and the result is what is today referred to as Ghana ICT Policy for Accelerated Development.

The legislation that strengthened the agency was promulgated in 2008 as the Electronic Communications Act 775, aimed at providing for electronic communications, broadcasting, and the use of the electro-magnetic spectrum and related facilities in Ghana.

The financial resource for GIFEC is provided by the telecommunications service providers who by law are required to contribute one percent of their annual revenue towards the operations of the Fund.


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